Archived Xclusive Quotes 2015

Don’t worry about what you can’t change, it is just a waste of time, resources and attention. Be about solutions, alternatives and options, there is always another way! 12/11/2015

When you are successful people will want to read your success tips. When you are just average then you are at best a philosopher. When you are not successful what ever you say is just another excuse for why you are where you are and no one really cares. It is not time to relax yet, keep striving you are almost there. 12/11/2015

If you want to reach your destination, you will have to leave your present position, the earlier you start moving the better. Don’t sit back in your comfort zone and Hope things will change, it stopped working that way since the Israelites and the manna days. 10/11/2015

Why buy things you can’t really afford just to impress people who don’t really matter to you? Set your priorities, do things that impact, a step a day to improve your own life will yield a harvest you would be forever proud of. 9/11/2015

People will only remember you when they need you, but that is not as bad as it sounds, know that if you insist because of that you won’t be helpful to anyone then you will soon be forgotten by everyone. Do good not because you expect something in return but because it has become your nature to be good. 28/10/2015

There is a big difference between doing what is right and doing what pleases people. What pleases people are not always the right things but the right things will always please God. Don’t let anyone fool you by luring you to do bad things just because it will make them happy, you are not responsible for other people’s happiness, it is their own responsibility. 18/10/2015

Some people’s rejection of you, is not a sentence to a life of condemnation. When you are pulled down the solution is not staying down but getting right back on your feet. 11/9/2015

If you surround yourself with positive things, then you will make prosperity. Hating, backbiting, jealousy and backstabbing deprive one of peace. 11/9/2015

Old people don’t regret what they have done, what they regret are those ideas they were not bold enough to try out. Do you want to live your life wondering what could have been or you want to be able to say “yes! I gave it my best shot!” 3/9/2015

It is hard changing the future but it is possible
It is difficult building from the scratch but it is doable
It is a big task getting to the top but it is surmountable
No matter how bad it is, No matter how bad it gets
I am going to make it… that is what I believe and that is my reality! #SelfAffirmation 2/9/2015

The challenges we face on daily basis are enough to motivate us
Don’t give up in the name of fate
Even the hardest stone can boil if we are relentless
Put your heart into it… you can do it! 2/9/2015

It might be hard to change the world at a go but I am resolved to start from this little corner of mine; first myself then the people around me. Inch by inch, one person at a time… this life of mine is dedicated to touching lives. Make a resolve today and join me! 1/9/2015

When we focus on things that we lack, we lose sight of things we have. When we focus on things that had gone wrong in the past, we lose consciousness of the fact that our future is bright. When we focus on the irrelevant things, it is hard to make the relevant things permanent. Focus on the right things and you would be what you have always wanted to be. 20/8/2015

To be imperfect doesn’t make you hopeless, so long as you are willing to accept your faults and make amends. But to think you are perfect and cannot go wrong, is what is dangerous and can easily destroy. 14/8/2015

If you don’t like something, change it
If you like something, go for it
But if you become disinterested in everything, then rediscover yourself. 13/8/2015

If you judge people by the way they talk, laugh or dress, you will probably be getting people all wrong. If you get closer to many beautiful faces, you will find out what is locked behind those smiles are worse than devil’s fury. Don’t let someone’s flamboyant lifestyles make you feel inadequate, stop condemning yourself for what you think you lack… if you get the front roll seat in the life of those you envy, you will realize you have a lot more to be thankful for. 13/8/2015

Is it possible to seek redemption without forgiveness and forgetting? If you truly want to move ahead you have to make peace with your past. 12/8/2015

Youth is not a ticket to misbehave, we will all take responsibilities for our actions unless you consider yourself a baby. # Nottooyoung to make an impact. 11/8/2015

It maybe difficult to breakfree of a domineering family, you never know where taking charge ends and where being disrespectful begins… but the fact is, when you are sure of your purpose and determined to follow it, you will make enemies most of the former close allies. 10/8/2018

It is easy to be confused when you don’t really know what you want. Certainty brings assurance of purpose and the power to convince others to buy into your dreams. 6/8/2015

The first step to self actualization is self discovery. If you don’t know yourself, it is had to get anything done not even the brightest dreams. What you love & hate, your strength & weakness, your faith & fear… These things are very important or else life and events will keep pushing you around till you are old and grey. 6/8/2015

Even if no one thinks you are special, don’t be moved because God believes you are special, little wonder, He gave the life of His Son so that you can be saved. Walk, talk, act and live like royalty because you are kings, you are gods and the sons and daughters of the most high God. # Go and # Conquer Inspired by Pastor Chris 4/8/2015

Self control is when your head controls your actions and not your heart or body(cravings). Little wonder the brain is located in the head. #TakeCharge of your life, don’t leave your head out. 4/8/2015

If ten thousand reasons say you can’t but one good reason says you can, then ignore the reasons that say you can’t because they are just lame excuses created by your mind out of fear.3/8/2015

Choices; reason we have different results though we faced similar challenges. Our #choices should reflect who we are and who we want to be not who people think we are or want us to be. 30/7/2015

If you can’t beat them here are three options for you…
1. Join them
2. Hire someone to beat them
3. Change the playing field.
There is always a solution to every problem especially when you ask the right questions. 30/7/2015

Before you can be ahead, you must have discovered your potentials but to stay ahead no matter how brilliant what you have discovered are, you have to reinvent yourself. Know that who you are is your reality but who you can be is your future! 28/7/2015

If you are the type that gets inspired from time to time, your best friend should be a pen and paper. Inspiration written down, is a plan in progress but inspiration not writing down is a brain wave that is soon forgotten. 25/7/2015

Financial discipline is simply knowing the difference between what you need and what you want, and having the alertness to know when a want becomes a need. #BrokeCantBeHappy 17/7/2015

Don’t say behind people what you can’t say to their faces, it doesn’t make you look good. it only tells people listening to you how coward and untrustworthy you are. Plus, backbiting is a limiting syndrome, according to the word of God. 16/7/2015

There are only two different types of people; Good people and Bad people. Our difference is not in our language, our tribe, our religion, our colour nor our passion. Our difference is in our heart, our decision to be either a good person or a bad person. 11/7/2015

There is a thin line between being careful and being fearful… lots of time we tell ourselves that we are taking our time just because we want to be careful so we don’t make mistakes while in reality most of these times we are just too afraid of making mistakes that we end up doing nothing. 10/7/2015

Don’t live your life thinking you are indispensable because no one is but God. Don’t live your life feeling inferior because you are special and the best of who you are. Don’t live your life feeling it can’t get better because this is just the beginning of good things. 6/7/2015

Your happiness is not dependent on how people treat you but how you treat yourself. People may say bad stuffs about you, so long as your intentions are right they can’t rob you of your happiness. Happiness cannot be achieved in the absence of forgiveness; for self and for others. Rather than hold grudges fight back by achieving success, rather than belittling yourself fight back by improving yourself. Bottom line, be happy. Happiness is a choice, make up your mind. 2/7/2015

The truth is, we have lots of influence on one another; what we say, the affection we show, the jokes we crack, the attitude we give and the promises we make. Be a good influence on the people around you, it costs nothing to be nice and show a little understanding. 1/7/2015

Often times, what we go all around searching for, is that same thing that has been freely given us. We just have to look inward more than we look up to others, in the pursuit of happiness, in search of solution and in hope of a better life #Developyourtalent. 30/6/2015

When the only thing that has been giving you hope turns out to be just another lie, the heart gets broken, faith gets lost and life seems not worth living. But when one hope is dashed the solution is to find hope in something else, so long as we live, so long as we desire, we can’t stop hoping. 27/6/2015

Kindness is not about how much you have but how selfless you are. Many people are in need, lend a helping hand: a smile, a listening ear, a gentle touch, a word of encouragement, financial assistance… just make impact. 25/6/2015

A farmer that harvested 10 tubers of yam and claimed he harvested 15, would eventually have to eat 5 tubers of lie. One lie will always require an extra lie to cover up, it is better to stick to the truth from the onset, it may be hard but it gives you more value and takes off your shoulder future heartaches. 24/6/2015

Anger will drive you to do the things you wouldn’t do ordinarily, often times regrettable decisions are taken and most often ego won’t allow us go back on those decisions.
My advice: When you are angry, just go to bed or walk away. No decisions taken, no promises made and no hurtful words said. It might be difficult, you might even feel like you have been humiliated but give it time, you will be at peace. 16/6/2015

Your mistakes, your failures, your inadequacies… all form part of your learning process, once you are not averse to change, once your are not rigid, once you’re willing to improve you will find the learning process worthwhile. 2/6/2015

Success cannot be achieved in the absence of failure; success actually means you have learned to perfect your early imperfections, succeed where you have failed before, and celebrated by whom and where you have been booed before. 29/5/2015

Take a moment to evaluate your day if you have not done at least one of these, then it has been a wasted day. If you did not…
* Improve the person you are
* Do something new to take you to your dreams
* Invest in yourself
* learn something new
* Lend a helping hand to someone
* Show love to someone
* Talk to someone about the love of God
* Appreciate a good deed
* or Show God you appreciate everything.
However, it is not too late, tomorrow is another blessed day, don’t miss out. 26/05/2015

Don’t ever be afraid of starting small, less you will be risking not starting at all. That will be a shame and great betrayal of the people who could have benefited, of the dream that God gave you and of yourself. If you can dare to dream then you can dare to start no matter what. So start no matter how small. Start! 23/05/2015

Never tell yourself “if not for me!”.
Know that what God has promised to do He will do, if you don’t volunteer to be a vessel another person will and if you have been used to do it, I think you should be thankful and not be arrogant about it. God will never share His Glory with any man. 22/05/2015

In my years of problem solving, I have come to a conclusion that problem only arises when a need was not met. Meaning if you have a problem then there was a need you did not meet that caused the problem. Note, need and not want.
Hence, if you can trace the need, meet it and the problem is solved, though the symptoms may take a while to fade off. 21/05/2015

Life can be beautiful, if you understand that you can’t always have all you want but you can always get what you need, if you put things you have to better use and see the good in everything, every situation and everyone. 20/05/2015

It is what it is! Sometimes this is what we need to understand, too often it is a difficult pill to swallow but when we accept the reality, it is much easier to move forward. 17/05/2015

Being the best doesn’t guarantee success. Being creative is what drives success; not how much you know but how you can commercialize the little you know. – 14/05/2015

Someone said “if you spend two hours daily, for two years on a topic, you will become an authority on that topic” and another said “you are just five books away from being the master of a profession”. In essence whatever we set our mind to, give our time for, acquire knowledge on and channel our energy towards, within a limited time will produce results that all eyes will pay to be part of. – 14/05/2015

When you are too worried about people’s opinion of you, you end up having little control over your own life. It is like handing over your dreams and happiness to total strangers, they will end up making a mess of the details. Everyone will have an opinion but because they do, doesn’t make them masters over your destiny. You, had the dream; you, conceived the idea; you, know the details; and you, should have the only opinion that truly counts. – 13/05/2015

I am yet to see a man that cannot be trusted at all, yet I have not seen a man that can be fully trusted. It is just about knowing the right amount of trust each person can handle. -12/05/2015

How we feel about our self matters. It is often the difference between confidence and being timid, self belief and self defeat, and self appreciation and self condemnation. Feel good about yourself, no one is perfect and you are not an exception, learn not to focus on your imperfections but on those things that makes you unique. Everyone is special and there is someone somewhere who would give all for your specialty. – 11/5/2015

If people are looking for your faults, they will find many.
If you are looking for reasons to give up, you will find enough.
But when you have at least one person who sees the good in you, that is enough reason not to give up even if that one person is you. – 8/5/2015

There is a lesson in every experience, don’t beat yourself up over wrong decisions, misplaced trust, mistakes, bad judgement, unpleasant experiences… just take the lessons and move on. You are better than any ill, if you believe you are. – 7/5/2015

Dreams do come true but you have to leave your bed to live your dreams. It is wake up time, make hays while the Sun shines – 7/5/2015

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