The TY’S Show Episodes

Men are Scum(s): Is this true? How does a lady know the scums? Are there good guys? Is it worth it? Watch TY and the crew thrash this
Sexual Abuse 2: What Happens Next After Being Abused. What should the victim do, how does the victim health? You need to watch and share this.

Covid19 and it financial implications for Home and Start up Businesses.

Roles of Ladies in Relationship 70:30 or 50:50 who should take the lead, the man or lady?

Asking for nudes gone wrong. Is it romantic or stupid?

Sex for Grade Scandal – The perfect solution

Can you allow your partner have your phone for 24hrs? The test of trust or otherwise

Keeping your private life private The loud it gang, shall we?

Is it right to share your past in your new relationship? Does your man or woman need to know everything about your past?

When is it right to get married? When is the right time? How do you know you are ripe for marriage?

Sexual Abuse Part 1: Whose fault is it, who do we hold responsible?

Love without jealousy How possible is this?

Insincerity in relationship

A More Successful Spouse; Good or Bad? Watch on YouTube

Handling Attention From The Opposite Sex 1. Watch on YouTube

Handling Attention From The Opposite Sex 2. Watch on YouTube

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